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mitt romney as the wealthy guy who pays less taxes than me and makes more money than i will ever see in a lifetime. in see in a lifetime. host: hey, greg. the candidates have been to your city numerous times. have you been to a rally for president obama? >> i went to a rally. it was rainy that the. but i did it for our candidate. >> how early did you have to go? what was the security like? caller: i will tell you what. i did not see any incidents. you had to get there early. they always blocked off the main avenues and thoroughfares. that was the only difficult part, to get to the venue. once you got there, i felt secure. i did not feel like anything was going to happen. they are hoping that nothing does happen. it was ok. host: how many hours ahead did you have to go? caller: probably just a couple. if it normally takes you 15, 20 minutes to get there, you take that into consideration. then you have to take into consideration the security measures that may delay you. a couple of hours. that is all. host: what do you do in cleveland? caller: i worked for district no. 6. i am a painte
for another rally this evening but first a stop in chicago to cast his ballot. romney campaigning throughout ohio today then he's in worthing on the industries and later the northwestern part of the state. now live at 1:15 eastern we'll bring you president obama in richmond live here on c-span. >> would you support military action in iran? >> if need be, yes. as a last option, yes 6789 >> under what conditions? if sanctions don't work. if they are about to have the ability to develop a nuclear bomb, we use every option possible as would israel and that would be the last option we'd use. >> i think we stand with israel and do not let them develop a nuclear weapon. >> under what conditions would you recommend it? >> i don't know right now but we better exhaust everything else. and at the end of the day if that is what is needed, i'm still serving. i'll be the first volunteer but we're going to have a darn honest discussion about what is needed. >> with less than two weeks before the election follow the races on c-span in campaign 2012. >> tonight live coverage with several debates when we take
treatment. i am petrified of the romney- ryan budget. i have read it. they put a cap back on, do away with the health insurance, what will happen to me? i cannot afford without health insurance to pay for my chemo treatments. i would just have to die. i am petrified that they will do away with obamacare. and do away with the caps. and no one will take me on their insurance with my cancer. thank you. guest: a great question. one of the issues with health reform is, how we deal with people are chronically ill and have very high costs? the loss to the cap as the caller said, it prevents insurers from payments above a certain amount. that is a big deal for people with cancer and things like that. mitt romney hasn't said what he would do if he repealed the law. how you deal with those people is a big question for him. host: we are joined by christopher flavelle and bill wiatrowski. we are looking at wages and benefits. we see here from dls, a graph that shows workers required to share the cost of health benefits, how that is working out your you can see change over time now with 2012. usin
romney and paul ryan suggest increase military funding by $2 trillion over the next decade. i support a strong defense. but we need to retrench rather than trying to be the policemen of the world. we have too many soldiers, too many troopers scattered around the world. our presence needs to be decreased around the world, not increased, and the united states should stop trying to be the overseer of the world. that will save us billions and billions of dollars. [applause] >> all right. governor johnson. >> we need to provide ourselves with a strong national defense. the operative word here is defense, not offense and not nation building. [applause] >> the biggest threat to our national security is the fact that we're bankrupt, that we're borrowing and printing money to the tune of 43 cents out of every dollar we spend. in promising to submit a balanced budget to congress in the year 2013, that would include a 43% reduction in military spending. how does that go down. a 43% reduction in military spending takes us back to 2003 spending level. it is getting ourselves out of all the militar
days now. the election date. mitt romney and paul ryan are spending the next two weeks on the road. we will have live coverage starting at 3:15 eastern. they will then travel to the denver area for a rally, head back to nevada, then back to io wa wednesday, then back to ohio thursday and friday. the present rallied supporters in ohio. we are planning live coverage starting at 3:50 eastern. does the president rallied supporters in ohio -- the president rallied supporters in ohio. as the president and mitt romney have finished their series of debates, third-party candidates began theirs. the libertarian candidate, gary johnson, green party candidate, jules stein, justice party candidate rocky anderson will all take part. that begins at 9:00 eastern here. >> i regularly watch "washington journal." whenever there is a hearing that is of any significance, i will tune in. i also watch c-span online. c-span gives us a affirmation that is rare in today's spin- oriented society we cannot get the kind of information that we need to make decisions for ourselves. we often have to hear it from the
romney and paul ryan. the house is coming into session. this will probably be over in two minutes tops. then stay tuned for president obama at 10:10 a.m. eastern time. thank you all for joining us for this post-debate reaction on "washington journal." [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] rah: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. october 23, 2012. i hereby appoint the honorable stephen c. latourette to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. sarah: the prayer today will be offered by our guest chaplain, the reverend biffle. the chaplain: you have promised you will always draw near to those who call upon your name. we call upon you this day to send upon this great nation your protection and guidance. fill the hearts of those who have been elected to lead, mold, and shape our country. bless their staffs and all who labor here that they will see
on the stage. i hope we do not see a replay of our first debate president obama and romney, but i see that, with a foreign policy, that they are much more prepared than they would be. >> because of the moderator or because of the format, james? what do you not want to see a repeat of? >> in the format. the format is the same, but since they have been through it and since president obama will be prepared to night, unlike the first debate, it should be a good one. i am looking forward to seeing it. >> that me turn to perdue university about what to expect tonight -- purdue university, about what to expect tonight. >> what formula the you think we can get to around a theatrics that we can see? >> are you looking for tonight? >> i get frustrated when the one on one convicts are sensationalized. if the moderator takes more of an active role and make sure their presence is known, you see a lot more less of it. >> the candidate had prepared for this debate, all of the debates, they have their line set. not rehearse, but impromptu. we have moved from the multiple moderator's to the single moderato
substantive differences between their philosophies will they be in policy decisions? > guest: romney has been so much of a cipher. he has limited himself to saying, the criticizing the obama, and that criticism as not to the civic, that obama should be tougher. when he gets down to talking about what he would do differently, so far to differ does have been minimal. you can look at syria where romney has said he would be tougher. what would he do differently? maybe getting a few more high- powered arms to the rebels, but that is about a everything obama has done already, the challenge for romney will be to move beyond mere criticism -- tonight will be to move beyond mere criticism of the president and come up with a positive agenda and specific agenda of what he would do differently. the challenge for obama would be something different. obama came into office four dramatic terms about how his foreign policy was going to be different from his predecessor. he was going to change the overall tone. he was going to reset relationships with russia. what has happened instead is that he has become a m
:00, president obama and mitt romney arcing of speakers at the 67th annual alfred e. smith dinner. it has been a tradition of the dinner to invite presidential candidates in election years to make humorous remarks about themselves and the other candidate. here is a little more about the dinner. >> what is the owl smith dinner and how did it come about? >> it is most famous as a place the presidential candidates show up every four years. they show up, democrats and republicans -- it is really a memorial dinner for smith. it is the thing that if anyone has heard al smith's name, that is probably where you heard about him unless you hang around these hallowed halls. in general, it is probably his most lasting public legacy, the place where his name gets out. it is held every year, not just every four years. you have prominent figures, in. it is a memorial dinner, a catholic charity dinner. it is a place people get together and try to assess the legacy of al smith and presidential candidates especially trying to crack good jokes. >> most of the times they show up to gather -- show up together. we
they largely support their respective candidates, president barack obama and mitt romney. they will cover the ground, so we elected to move on. and on behalf of everyone here at wptv news channel 5, wishing you the very best. >> would you support military action in iraq? >> if need be, yes if sanctions don't work and if they are close to and about the have the ability to develop a nuclear bomb. we use every option impossible as well israel. that would be the last auction, but we would have it ready. >> i think we stand with israel and don't let them develop a nuclear weapon. >> under what conditions? >> i can't tell you what that would be, but we better exhaust everything else. if that is what is needed, i am still serving. i will be the first -- that we will have a honest discussion about what is needed. >> follow the senate and governor races in c-span 2012. >> tonight, we will have several debates starting live at 7:00 eastern. we take you to ohio for the final debate. at 8:00, the incumbent iowa congressman and democrat face off. and 9:00, martin heinrich squares off against heather w
. and a rally at 12:45. and mitt romney in virginia today speaking to supporters at time warner community college and chesapeake. -- at tidewater community college. we are asking the simple question, who won the debate? so far the tally is 9065 think president obama 1. 9062 think mitt romney won the debate. >> i watched two different types of programs. every election year i find myself watching your -- when you show your old convention speeches and all the debates. i think it is a great service to offer. i still have a memory of being 8 years old and watching an old richard nixon speech. for a political junkie like me, that is great. that is wonderful. the fact that you focus on a wide range of public policy issues, there's something for everybody. whether it is national security, housing policy, something with the economy. i like that you guys cover all of this. >> msohsin watches c-span. brought to you by your television provider. >> no discussion on the ideological makeup of the tea party movement. this was posted at the cato institute yesterday. they used polling data to portray the g
that mitt romney created, the affordable care act that president obama pushed is modeled on that. a lot of states will be following that model. that is with the affordable care beds. it is a federal mandate. >> we're out of time and we will move to the next topic. i'm going to put this to you. beyond the governor's office there is a lot of chatter about longevity in this office should you win a second term. from -- should there be a shift in the congressional delegation? have been touted as a leader. it spoke of your party's convention. i know that your opponent has talked about a pledge. what i want to know because clearly if you are reelected you're a lame-duck. you have the four years and that is it. what is your plan beyond the next four years? >> i love this job. we have significant work still to do and put people back to work to continue to improve schools. to improve the state all it can be. i cannot wait to get to work and spend every day with the next four years doing exactly that. beyond that i do not have plans. will we get to 2016 my wife and i who is out there somewhere, we
, that the people who ran against mitt romney were not really fond of him still, even at the convention. >>>> we had boehner saying i ner read those platforms. this is after the convention. he said you are going to get at all on one page. nobody reads the the platform. >> we did. what a waste of time. >> what can we look for in the next two weeks between now and election day? what do you anticipate? >> fasten your seat belt. you have seen some of the silly rhetoric we will get for the next two weeks, but more than that, what you are not seeing is what is going on, and that is those get out the vote efforts, and those are the most intense things. both these campaigns are doing year oldsave these 14- talking to their friends on the social network, so there is a lot of stuff going out there that is not apt -- obvious to the camera's eye, and that is read the election is. this has always been a base election. it has always come down to this. whose base is more excited? who will get their people out president obama at a storybook turnout and election team. i do not know if it is there, because they are d
romney here again on -- at avon lake at 8:00 p.m. tonight. both president obama and mitt romney have campaign events and through tomorrow. both candidates happened drop off their schedules and it is threatening to alter the outcome of the election. the federal courts will continue to be closed tomorrow. the house and senate will come in for a pro-forma sessions with no legislation scheduled. fema headquarters held a conference call about the storm. mr. fugate said it has enough money for an initial response to the storm. this is half an hour. >> thank you. good afternoon, everyone. thank you for dialing in today. two main administrators, craig fugate and dr. rick knab. each of them will have opening comments and then we will take questions. please limit yourself to one question and no follow-ups. with that, let me turkish -- turned over to the administrator. >> good afternoon. as hurricane sandy keeps approaching and moving closer to the coast, we are going to be rapidly moving from preparing to support response operations. we have been moving commodities, bottled waters, meals, blan
trail in wisconsin. mitt romney campaigning today. we'll have campaign stop this evening in jacksonville with mitt romney live on c-span. ahead of that vice president biden is no ohio and we'll have that at 3:00 eastern on c-span. and in ohio is states governor are traveling across the state encouraging early voting here six days out. we'll have their stop in ohio coming thup afternoon at 5:30 eastern. >> under indiana has made incredible progress in the last eight years. we've balanced budgets and now we have the largest budget surplus ever in history. it's going to make it possible tor us to cut taxes for every hoosier. but jon, you just said we pay for things in indiana. but when you were speaker of the house, for five of the six years you were running the state house, indiana ran deficits. when mitch daniels came into power indiana was $700 million in debt and had a deficit of $820 million. facts are stubborn things and i'd like to knoll how are we going to make sure and preserve the fiscal integrity of the state of indiana. >> if you had spent the last 12 years here you'd know our b
that will at secrete middle-class security. and like mitt romney, i am proud to talk about what is in my plan. it actually adds up. if you want to check it out, go to are it with friends. share it with co-workers. there's people out there trying to make up their mind. some of you may be trying to make up your mind. somebody may have dragged you heare. maybe your girlfriend said you have to come to the rally. i want you to compare my plan to governor romney's. see which plan you think is better for you. see which plan is better for america's future. look, i want to end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas but also want to reward those to create jobs right here in the united states. i want to cut our oil imports in half by 2020. we will develop traditional sources of energy. today we are less dependent on foreign oil than any time in the past two decades. it is not enough just to produce more oil and natural gas. we also increased fuel standards. your car will go farther on a gallon of gas. i want to build on the progress we have made doubling clean energy. i
mitt romney in washington to fix what is broken and bring back the american dream. i see a uaw member here economy. autos. talk what go said barack obama that said were a few wars. one was about the auto industry. he said, you want to take those companies to bankruptcy. i supported a rescue package for the autos, but what obama said was not true. it was barack obama who took gm and chrysler through bankruptcy, ok? >> right? second, it was mitt romney who absolutely did provide for loan guarantees to ensure the warranties were backed up. that is what every fact checker who has looked at what obama said said he was wrong, he was not telling the truth. now, this is what is most important to this guy here and the other uaw workers that are here. it is the policies that mitt romney and paul ryan want to put in place that will make the auto industry strong -- [indiscernbile] he wants sensible regulations. he wants tax reform that will ensure we can get the auto companies back on their feet. he wants to make sure that trade is fair. he wants workers trained to work better for them. he wants
? >> tonight president obama and mitt romney will be speaking. it's become a must be there event for presidential candidates and it's a chance for them to come together in a nonconfrontational way, they do give humorous speeches and poke fun at each other and themselves and it's supposed to be a break from the campaign trail and bashing each oofment and we're just two days out from one debate and another one in florida and it's supposed to be a chance to show a little bit of a day taunt i guess. host: so each of the men will speak tonight? guest: yes. each of the candidates will give a speech maybe poking some fun at their opponents but also honor the makery of al smith who was a four-term governor of new york but as a candidate for president who was heavily criticized and attacked basically for his catholic faith. host: and al smith was one of our contenders as part of our series that we did on c-span looking at those who ran for the white house, lost but changed political history. if our viewers are interested in going into the archives to learn more about al smith. but tonight
to get rid of that. the concern is that mr. parker supports the romney-ryan budget. he supports their approach to entitlements. that would voucher eyes medicare and cost your grandmother $6,400 per year. >> i never said i supported the budget. let's get back to the health care -- i agree with certain aspects -- that we should be able to purchase insurance for our children up to the age of 26 and we needed now because these kids do not have jobs. we must also address pre- existing conditions. in order to drive down those costs, we must be able to purchase insurance across state lines. doctors practice defensive medicine. we had to pay for these tests and we told the doctor that you need certain tests and i said i have to pay for this and he told us which ones we don't need. he was afraid he would be suited he did not prescribe them. >> is there any greater example for why the constitution and the federal government are completely at odds with one another? the constitution is supposed to limit the federal government. there's nothing in the constitution about health care or permitt
this in the romney 47% comments. the american dream is dying because people have demanded entitlement programs that have sapped the will to work. basically, pushing away the latter. but we do not want that latter -- pushing away the ladder. we do not want the ladder. >> i think that goes to the concept that you brought forth, which is proportionality. essentially, that actions and consequences should be correlated so that if you make good decisions and work hard, you are rewarded. if you make bad decisions and you do not work as hard, you are not rewarded. that for the two-party -- for the tea party is the bad guy. with the financial crisis, the bailout for banks, a bailout for hard, you are mortgage companies, allf these things infringed on this underlying moral foundation of proportionality, which is central to their idea of the american dream. they think that proportionality is absolutely essential for people to have the freedom to try. with a tarp especially in the financial crisis, that was the enemy. >> that gentleman next. and then jim harper. >> i am with the madison coalition. i saw i
. i will come to a conclusion, but i want to talk briefly about obama and romney. obama has a reputation as a reader. there is one time he was asked about reading a book, but he said, i only have time to floss my teeth and watch tv sports. homeland," "theorado la sopranos." he mentioned snooki a couple of times. it was suggested that obama's approach -- it does not necessarily suggest that obama read the book, but he said obama might have taken the idea that was in the air to account. there has been this trend of people giving obama jewish books. benjamin netanyahu started it by giving him a but. peter gave him a book. i wonder what would happen if we had a jewish president. but that is what we do. we give jewish books to our president even if they are not jewish. mitt romney is looking to get a better presidents of the jewish vote then became did. he is aggressively -- than mccain did. i was on a phone call with governor romney. he was talking to 3000 jewish leaders on thursday night. he has read a number of books related to isreal. it is a really important book in terms of
president obama, governor romney, or their surrogates in your state? guest: president obama has been here eight times this year, governor romney has been here 6. paul ryan may be eligible to vote, he's been here that much. joe biden has been here once. we have had a lot of its from michelle obama. we have seen plenty of action this cycle. host: bill clinton could be coming to your state. he is scheduled to campaign for the president today in colorado. he was supposed to be in colorado springs tuesday but cancelled due to the storm. guest: pending the outcome of the storm on the east coast, we will see both candidates later in the week. governor romney was here last week and held a rally at red rock and thousands were turned away. the following day, he held a -- president obama held a rally in denver and drew a crowd estimated at 16,000. the governor this week has reserved an amphitheater in the southern suburbs of has a capacity of 18,000 people. there were looking at going to boulder to hold a rally there. they're certainly trying to turn out a lot of voters with momentum. >> one week to
met romney campaigning with jeb bush at a rally in jacksonville florida live at 8:00 eastern on c-span. >> indiana has made incredible progress over the last eight years. we balanced budgets, become the fiscal and the of the country and now have the largest budget surplus we have ever had. it will make a possible for us to strengthen our budget reserves and i believe we can cut taxes for every resident. use every paper things in indiana. when you are speaker of the house, for five of the six years, indiana ran deficits. came in, indiaaniels was $700 million in debt and a deficit of $700 million. i would like to know, from my colleagues on stage, how we will mature and preserve the fiscal integrity of indiana. >> if you spent the last 12 years in india and not congress you would know that our budget needs to be balanced. i have a balanced bipartisan a balanced budget. and the things you talked about were supported by david long, and lieutenant governor. find laughable that united states congressman would lecture anyone about fiscal responsibility. you voted not once, not twice but
romney -- coupes -- who paid significantly lower tax then it an mitt romney does and most of us to. he says you cannot raise taxes on many millionaires were millionaires. the worst part is, i know the oil industry is your friend, but you can't close tax loopholes for the oil industry, or these companies that outsource jobs. you are be holden, not that your chances of going to the senate are that high, but you are be holden to so many interest groups before you even -- before the election, even. all of these people who want to keep washington going the way that it is. >> when we started this campaign, our chances of going to washington were relatively slim and we were down 17 points. the recent poll had a sorry but up one. . -- had us up one point. one reason is because there is such a mix of people who are sick of the washington speak, to live by one set of rules. i will live by the same rules that all of you have to live by. putting food on the table for your families every day. >> the front page of this morning's wall street journal had a chief executives -- had 80 chief executives,
to defeat mitt romney and paul ryan and reelect the president. and tammy baldwin will be a stalwart champion for social security. >> piercing tommy thompson's campaign is about $1.30 billion in cash. is that a concern to you? as far as the numbers are concerned? >> there's been a lot of spending in this campaign. i do not a scared or deterred by how much money the republicans have. tommy thompson, after you left wisconsin went off to serve in the george w. bush's cabinet. but one of the reasons i think his campaign has so much money, and you see so much outside spending is that he cut this deal on a medicare part d where he made it so that the government cannot negotiate with the prescription drug companies were lower drug prices. i think this is the ultimate payback for tommy, giving such a great giveaway to the prescription drug companies. tommy thompson is not the same guy that people remember from his heyday in 1980's. that may be what is special interest friends are spending money as a reward for tommy for making himself so much wealthier. host: nate, missouri, go ahead. caller: romney
to vote for romney? maybe there are. host: that question is being asked in the polls. who would you vote for? this is among likely voters. not much movement there. guest: right. there are many ways to measure voter intent. people in washington are looking at what is going on in the 12 or 6 or two or one battleground states and the numbers have moved in a lot of those states. host: could you put yourself in the mind of david axelrod? what advice would you give president obama? guest: i have three teenagers. do not over correct. they're learning to drive. my advice to them is what i would tell the president. don't over correct. you hit a soft shoulder. it might lead you to become too wildly aggressive in the second debate. thedvice is if you're president of the united states. there is a dignity attached to that office. do not squander it. host: we're talking with tucker carlson, editor in chief of the "daily caller." guest: i did not write that description. we have the majority on our material reported by our staff. we practice traditional journalism. asked unpleasant questions to people i
complex where president obama and mitt romney will be meeting tomorrow for their next debate. this is what they call spin alley. members of the media speak with a party spokesman after the debate to get their take and their spin on how other candidates did. and the gillespie and david -- ed gillespie and david axelrod gave teh spin after the last debate and we may see them again. >> we invite you to watch and engage with c-span as they meet for their second debate, the life preview tomorrow when 7 and at 9:00, the chief political correspondent and cnn will moderate, and 90-minute town hall with questions from undecided voters. after the debate we will take your calls, emails, and the tweets. while we wait for the start of the ohio senate debate, your phone calls on what you need to see from the presidential candidates to make your decision from this morning's "washington journal." host: this new poll says nearly two-thirds of likely voters say they do not need any more information between election day and one in eight is undecided or they say there is a chance they could change their vote.
mitt romney brought up maybe we could cut corporation for public broadcast spending. in the last week, i see these ads where he is got to cut big bird, elmo, and that is one cut in a tiny program. we could live without the subsidies. think about if you could try to come up with a laundry list of programs that could be eliminated. that would be a much more efficient thing to do, and we agree it would be much more efficient to cut medicare and social security and these big entitlement programs rather than some of these smaller programs. they will not do it. the republicans have made a strategic mistake politically in saying we do not want to do the subsidies. the defense sequester, because in my opinion the only way you're going to drag democrats who do not want to cut the budget, the only way you will get to the table is you have to do these sequester cuts, year after year, until democrats say we cannot take any more, we will have to make sure warren buffett does not get medicare or we will raise the and retirement age. i would make the case that one of the benefits is you keep squeezi
romney being there. there is a long explanation for why he decided to invite them. he said, first of all, this is about the memory of al smith. he was somebody who, even though he had strongly held personal opinions about what he thought was right and wrong, he did not demonize the people who saw differently. and in general, it is better to engage people that have different views, rather than to shut them out, ignore them or turn your back. it is a way of fostering communication whether then region rather than emphasizing differences. host: how much money are they expected to raise? guest: $5 million to charities that benefit children. host: thank you for your time this morning. >> we will have live coverage of the al smith foundation dinner tonight. surely, we will go live to the pentagon from -- with remarks from leon panetta. until then, a look at the senate race in connecticut between congressman christopher merc -- christopher murphy and republican linda mcmahon. democratic congressman christopher murphy and the republicans were off in a debate number 3. what is this race looking li
to the hurricane. mitt romney is taking part in storm relief efforts taking part today. he is in ohio. those coming to the event are being asked to bring relief supplies. bill clinton will be campaigning for the present today at a rally in minneapolis at the university of minnesota. we will have another event this afternoon. paul ryan will drop by a romney campaign office banking volunteers for help with storm relief efforts. this evening he is scheduled to stop at another office in hudson. fo>> i like to ask you a questin similar to that of the vice- presidential candidates. as a catholic, how has your view on abortion been shipped by your religion. >> i'm not catholic. i am an episcopalian. i cannot answer that question. my husband is a catholic. we have raised our children as catholics. i would be happy to talk about my view on abortion. it should be safe, legal, and repair. >> here is a valid point that is constructed. we have babies in america and i would that are being aborted simply because they are little baby girls, because the mother wants a boy instead of a girl. we have legislation befo
are more dangerous. she said repeatedly she would be open to paul ryan and matt romney's plans. privatizing medicare to be an absolute disaster for seniors across this state because of that the entire medicare system. the privatization would cost seniors $6000 more i need you to take a breath now. our next question is from dennis house and it's going to go to congressman murphy. >> a democratic controlled legislature and the congressional delegation made up of all democrats at the exception of joe lieberman. at the? had come in this one-party rule would continue. why do you believe complete control by one party is good for connecticut? murphy: i watched with the republican party has become in washington. we've had a tradition of republicans that were different from what we see. unfortunately the republican party has really become radicalized. it has become a shadow of what it once was and i don't think they have connecticut's interests at heart. the republican party that seeks to take control of the united states senate would eradicate a woman's right to choose where she could do with her o
make sure that we have this position in research funding. even mitt romney said he will modify the research funding something by fivefold. >> moderator: ann marie buerkle, what is your priority to create jobs in the next five years? buekle: unemployment remains high throughout the last 40 months. you know, jfk, reagan, and bush come you could not raise taxes and tax breaks help the economy. that is very important to do that. they voted in 2000 had to extend all of those. what we have done is repealed affordable care act. we know that here in the sticks are, therefore will correct is going to challenge small medical device producers, it is going to hurt the economy. so i voted to appeal the affordable care act. we voted for bipartisan support. it is really going to aid upstate new york and increasing number of experts from my district. >> moderator: we have time for rebuttal. dan maffei, do you regret your vote on that? maffei: i think the recovery act is absolutely essential. first of all, there were lots of tax cuts for small businesses and individual families that were absolu
of what mr. rahman are mr. romney won. >> the next demonstration has to recognize that we sent a bunch of which will thinking. we need to take a look at our interest in the middle east broader. none to syria. the name of the game ends iran, the iranian nuclear program, and i s the price of stopping the nuclear program having the regime in iran getting a blow inside iran for losing syria? i wish them a strong debate of who lost area, then so be it. whoever is in the next a ministration, and some adults understand geopolitics, not to say theory, but in practice. and i look at this current administration, i wonder about that. >> ladies and gentlemen, i would ask you in thanking our panel for a rich discussion. [applause] we also things which i think the folks that came in on c-span two. have a wonderful day. thank you for being here at heritage. >> c-span brings you live coverage of house, senate, and governors' debate. in less than an hour, we'll have live college of the new york senate debate. this is their only debate. it begins as 7:00 eastern. connecticut's u.s. senate candidate's fa
be political messages. i am getting called by obama and mayor romney all the time. it is that time of year. utility service reminders. these are practical and legal. then you get to the right hand column that is malicious and a legal. fishing calls, focused nuisance attacks, these are where the bad actors fall. please keep in mind all three of the categories, not an exhaustive list. this is one important way to bring all of this together. my previous slights and that last slide. we need to understand the different perspectives on these events. there is what consumers see and what service providers see. consumers are seeing all of the different types of robocalls. they understand what they are getting. my kid's school is closed. got it. johnny has his dentist appointment tomorrow. i cannot forget that. rachel from card holders services. they are in that position to see and understand which robocalls they are getting. our member companies operate network operation centers. what they see is just a mass calling event. they cannot delve into what specific type of call that is. all they are seei
it is a right that someone like mitt romney who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars should pay a 13 or 14% effective tax rate when our small businesses and firefighters and teachers pay more than that. >> we think this is a very important question. we'll be asking the same question of you, representative wilson. >> rather than asking you about spending cuts, are there any tax increases or other revenue raisers you would support? >> what is fascinating is that the congressman was asked what spending cuts he would support. what he talked about was tax increases. his balanced approach is to raise spending and raise taxes. i think we have a serious spending problem in washington. we do not have a taxing problem in washington. the difference between us is i believe we can get rid of a lot of the special provisions in the tax code. we should extend all the current tax code for the next year and spend the next year simplifying the tax code, taking out almost all the special provisions in that tax code. our tax code is longer than the king james version of the bible. i do not think it has that mu
shortly. mitt romney, already riding on long island. candy crowley as unilateral power all as to which questions will be asked. tonight at 9:00 eastern. c-span cameras are all over hofstra university. a live look outside, the stand up area, where the satellite trucks are parked, with our coverage getting under way at 7:00 eastern. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] again, a look at the television area, all across the street from the exhibition center, where tonight's debate is happening. c-span's coverage at 7:00 tonight, with a preview program, and then at 9:00, the town hall debate. once again we will open up our phone lines beginning at 10:30 eastern, all at c-span, c-span radio, and we also posted on our facebook page questions. what is your question? >> i watch c-span because when i want to get the news without a lot of talking and pundits adding their point of view, i can get the original script from a person, and then i can come to my own conclusion, which is better than having somebody els
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